JULABO North America is committed to being the leader in the Constant Temperature Circulator and Water Bath industry. JULABO is ISO 9001 certified since 1994. Based on this, we have been able to constantly improve organisational structures and processes. JULABO is continuously developing new technologies and new ideas in order to meet the strict demands of our customers. The extraordinary success in the past years has proved that JULABO is well prepared for coming challenges.


When it comes to the accuracy of your lab’s scientific processes, temperature control is essential. This is why Kats Enterprises, Scientific Division wants to help you find the best immersion coolers and recirculating coolers for your purposes. These products provide an efficient cooling solution, lowering your lab’s carbon footprint and cooling more quickly than tap water.


Many of the coolers we carry are manufactured by JULABO, an expert in cooling technologies for all industries. Both immersion coolers and recirculating coolers are available for purchase in our online store.


Immersion Coolers For Efficient Chilling


Our immersion coolers are used for counter-cooling open bath circulators to room temperature or below. Their compact design maximizes material use, minimizing your lab’s environmental footprint. These products are also easy to operate and are a safe alternative to dry ice. When compared to dry ice, they are also more consistent and easy to control.


The immersion coolers available in our online store come in various sizes and forms, so be sure to browse our selection to learn more details.


Recirculating Coolers For Daily Lab Cooling


The recirculating coolers in our online store are highly versatile, as they cover most simple cooling tasks. Much like immersion coolers, the recirculating options are user friendly and stable. They can also operate between zero and 40 degrees Celsius, with a temperature stability of .5 degrees.


These coolers use minimal energy to complete their job because of their environmentally friendly design and low energy consumption. They are compact with agronomical handles and safety features.


Again, for more details on these products, be sure to visit our online store and read more information. We are committed to ensuring a quality experience with our products, so we want to help you along the way. Our professionals are also here to answer any questions you may have.

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FL2506 Recirculating Cooler - 9666025

FL2506 Recirculating Cooler Recirculating Cooler/Chiller for environmentally friendly cooling, at affordable prices.

FL4006 Recirculating Cooler - 9666040

Julabo FL4006 Recirculating Cooler Recirculating Cooler/Chiller for environmentally friendly cooling, at affordable prices

FL7006 Recirculating Cooler - 9666070

Julabo, FL7006 Recirculating Cooler Recirculating Cooler/Chiller for environmentally friendly cooling, at affordable prices

Julabo EH-27 Heating Circulator with Open Bath

The EH-27 Heating Circulator with Open Bath with open stainless-steel bath tank for internal and external temperature applications.

Julabo F Series recirculating coolers

JULABO recirculating coolers can handle virtually any cooling requirements in laboratories or industrial environments.

Julabo F33-EH Refrigerated/Heating Circulator

Refrigerated/Heating Circulator for internal and external temperature applications.

Julabo F38-EH Refrigerated/Heating Circulator

JULABO Refrigerated & Heating Circulators for heating and cooling are suitable for external temperature tasks and for temperature applications directly in the bath.

Julabo FT200 Immersion Cooler

The FT200 Immersion Cooler for counter-cooling.

Julabo FT402 Immersion Cooler

The FT402 Immersion Cooler with temperature control for counter-cooling.

Julabo SW22 Shaking Water Bath

The SW22 Shaking Water Bath with MICROPROCESSOR technology.

Julabo Test tube rack, stainless steel 8970347

Test Tube Rack for 21 Test Tubes 30mm dia.

Julabo's Corio Refrigerated - Heating Circulators

Julabo's Refrigerated / Heating Circulators of the new CORIOâ„¢ series distinguish themselves with a great price-to-performance ratio. They are ideal for all standard tasks and routine work in laboratories and industry.

8810007 HST Booster Heater,max.6kW

The 8810007 HST Booster Heater,max.6kW, (for SL-12 230V or 400V )

8810008 HST Booster Heater,max.6kW

The 8810008 HST Booster Heater,max.6kW, (for FP40-HL 230V or 400V)